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I have always felt different from those around me.  Since early childhood, I watched how others soured and shifted from “let’s play nice” to “that’s mine!”  Being different spurred bullying.  I found that fewer and fewer people still remembered peace signs and love beads. Was I a dwindling species?  I was accused of being too sensitive, for this was identified for me as a trait of weakness.


I became a therapist.  My motivation partially derived from my intense curiosity to figure out what had happened to my world. What I concluded was that people were lacking Love from an early age; their hearts cried while their mouths wailed. The feeling of being different remained ever present while I helped others find kernels of truth and heal past wounds.


A spiritual awakening occurred in my early 40’s. How truly alone I felt when I was acutely chemically sensitive and homebound for six months. To be unable to open windows or doors, take medicine, or eat almost any food reinforced my belief that I was an anomaly. A healer stepped on my path and enlightenment ensued. New knowledge freed me and shackles were tossed. Channeling and healing abilities came in and I began assisting others in a more profound way. One day, I received a term via claircognizance (Divine Knowing) that I had never heard before: Lightworker. My search engine results were replete with definitions. My lay explanation is such: A soul who incarnates into a body and lives a life spreading messages of enlightenment to assist humanity in its awakening. Lightworkers come from all over Creation. Enlightened ones may be Star Beings, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Consciousnesses – souls whose frequency signatures aid in raising the vibration of others.


I took an online survey: Are you a Lightworker?  One question stood out from the rest. “Do you have a sense of urgency to spread messages of Love?” At that moment, I understood who I was and why I was here. My friends in high school and college knew that I “could not help myself” and had to become a social worker to lift the poor and weary. It was urgent. (chuckle)


What made this revelation so impactful was that my world that I had deemed small and frail had actually grown and strengthened. My perception of who I was shifted my reality within which I operated. Hope entered stage right after Discouragement departed stage left.  Had the Stage Light always been on the set, yet I had been blinded by it? When the cameras were positioned just so I was able to see the scenery, the props, and the characters. How thrilled I was to embrace who I was and rewrite the lagging script!


A Lightworker often does not know who they are or what their origins are.  If you are reading this and suspect you are in a story whose character has always been typecast as odd, strange, or misunderstood, please research this term. You are probably the cast member – the messenger – whose delivery is more meaningful than you had suspected. Your script is loaded with “lines” to enhance others.


Please know you are not alone. We are scattered around the globe to assist at this most auspicious time in Earth’s history. Take your survey. Embrace the results. Do not be blinded by the Light. You are the Light.  All has been well and will be. It is so.

May your journey be bright!

With Love,