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Many are sensing these are trying times.  Whether one is experiencing a “dark night of the soul” or picking up on the mass consciousness’ frenzy, it may feel very overwhelming to cope on a daily basis.  Why is it that now we are experiencing situations more intensely?  I believe it is because we have entered an age when our planet is shifting towards a reality that is actually brighter than what we might be seeing and feeling. If you believe you might be at the end of the road, read on.  I would like to share what I have learned that might assist you if your engine light went on.

Many pieces I read over the last 14 years spoke of upgrades, downloads, release, and energy shifts. Beloved Ones imparted the message through channels that it would be very important to address any unresolved issues one might be carrying around with them.  Face your fears and anything that is unresolved. Assess your circle – family and friends. Are they supporting you? Make choices regarding who Light-ens you and possibly put distance or bid adieu to those who do not. Being a Type A Virgo, I heeded Their suggestions.  I reviewed unresolved issues and sought to rectify what had been open and wounded. Fears were faced; I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which rid me of some very limiting beliefs. My circle was pared and new, higher vibrating souls entered. All aspects of my life improved.

The Divine Ones offered more: Eliminate all addictions – all dependencies. My only addiction was the one cup of coffee that I believed would wake me, save me, rock me up each morning. My ritual was to purchase organically grown, fair trade beans from Oregon and grind them like an addict, measuring and then listening to the drips from the coffee maker. One day, I received a channeled message, “You are a rich princess.”  My loving, mocking guide knew I was dependent on a substance and used sarcasm  to wake me up without caffeine.  Since I take my journey very seriously, that was my last cup of java. No withdrawl symptoms of nausea or migraine as I had had in the past when trying to kick my habit.  From then on, I woke up each morning with ease.

Here is yet another piece of wisdom I embraced: Remain in the Now. Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now was one of the most mind blowing books I ever read. Tolle so eloquently explained the strength and inspiration one receives from learning from the past versus recycling it.  He also spoke about how the future is just a moment away.  Why drift from the present when it is a gift to experience? I also read elsewhere about “spiritual witnessing,” or “spiritual distancing.” This involves pulling out of the third dimensional drama, taking a back seat, and gleaning from what you are currently encountering. What a load off my back!  To be present-centered and not to be too deep in my Story freed me!

The terms “Service to Other” and “Service to Self” were imparted in channeled pieces by Friends on High. I learned that it is important to reflect on whether you  lend assistance to others. Whether it be a small or grand gesture, being more Service to Other in the overall scheme of one’s life lends to blessings and the expansion of the soul.

Eat well, rest, exercise, pray, sleep enough, drink water, get out in the sun. Connect with Gaia (Mother Earth) through a simple daily grounding exercise, or affirmation. Meditate. Maintain good hygiene and have integrity. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions, for your thoughts create your reality. Remain optimistic and have faith that you have not been forsaken. Accept, forgive, have gratitude. Get out of your head and into your heart.  Speak your Truth.  (There is your truth, my truth, and the Truth.) Know that you can always agree to disagree.  Find the Serenity Prayer and utilize it! Learn about the Law of Attraction. Connect with Spirit in the way you so choose.

…and so importantly, remember that All is One.

When you take into consideration all suggestions made by those incarnated here and souls who send us messages from afar, you strengthen your constitution.  Your mind, body, and spirit heal.  The energetic masterpiece that is you raises in vibration and is better able to manage any shift that occurs at this topsy turvy, exciting time.  A strong soul can handle anything.

If you have felt you are at the end of the road, pull off into a rest stop. Chew the juicy bits I shared here from years of sowing and reflection. Your tank might just find itself with a bit more fuel than before.  Make your way back onto the Highway, merge gracefully, and take a lane along with the rest of us.

Beep! Beep!