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What do you see in the picture above?  Is there an image that comes to the fore?  Are you smiling?  Do you feel powerful and inspired?  Just as a word can move us to tears or bring up rage within us, a picture can send us, as well.  My eyes were drawn to a leaf that lay on my driveway by the Belgian block curb.  I immediately laughed, ran inside for my camera, and took the shot.  Proudly, I posted it on Facebook because I “knew” that everyone would see what I saw.  The responses were mixed.  Some shared my excitement and others were a bit bewildered.  Despite the mixed reviews, I felt I had been given a sign from Above.

Do you see what I saw?  I saw Pegasus.  Had I remembered the story of Pegasus?  Was I a history major in college?  I’ll answer “no” to both questions.  The image was clear to me and I knew that I had to remember this creature and what he represented.  I read about Pegasus in Greek mythology and how he was born from Medusa.  He was given the task of carrying god’s thunder and lightning. Andromeda rode on his back and he assisted Bellerophon in defeating the chimera (three-headed monster).  Despite being stung by a gadfly, Pegasus was able to survive and fly to Mount Olympus where Zeus resided.

The leaf on the driveway gave me hope and support.  It lay there very still while it provided a clear message that I was very strong and could overcome adversity.  Such a fragile looking object held so much power.  Perceiving Joanie in the leaf was the highlight of my day.

Recently, I looked at this picture that I saved in my computer.  I saw Pegasus, yet I also saw another image that had me laughing!  This time, I saw a dog raising its leg to urinate.  “Let’s let off some steam, get rid of what doesn’t belong, have fun and just be yourself.”  The timing of this viewing was perfect.  Joanie began to know Pegasus’ energy and rose to the occasion during the past few years since she encountered him.  Today, the dog brings the message of relief.  All the hard work is paying off and I will be relieved soon.

Clearly, what we are working on in our lives affects our perception of what is before us.  It is possible I might have seen the dog if I needed to release what did not serve me when I first spotted the leaf.  Pegasus might have revealed himself later had I needed his testimony of greatness and fortitude.  Our mind is hooked up to both our inner issues and the Divine Ones who offer us guidance and inspiration.  How we interpret the messages and what we do afterwards is part of the fun here in Earth School.  If one does not do anything but comment, “That leaf needs to be raked,” or “Nice leaf,” that is fine.  There is no grade on a report card that states we missed something.  No judgement is offered. When we do open our eyes and see that a picture has a thousand words, we move forward in Spiritual Life Lesson Class.

What do you see?  Have you seen images and events that have more meaning to you than what meets the eye?  Chances are you have.  Delve past the image and scrounge around for treats.  Spirit offers you messages everywhere – often in places that are mundane, natural, and expected.  Trust your initial take when you interpret the meaning of the image.  Your gut reaction is often spot on.

If someone sees something different, that is their projection from their standpoint.  Honor difference, for everyone is coming from a different place.  Remember:  The world is full of all shades of the rainbow.  That is what makes it delectable and exciting.  Without variation, we could not learn and grow.

Pegasus and the Eliminating Canine.  (It sounds like an Aesop’s Fable.)

“Blessed Leaf, Thank you for sitting there white and crisp so that I might look inside and see my strength, as well as my burden.”

With Love,