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My services are solicited often by clients who ask about loved ones, both humans and pets, and whether they are going to remain on this earth much longer. There is much need for education and reassurance around the concept of death and dying and what is “on the other side.” I do not claim to know everything about this topic, yet, as a medium, I have had many experiences via channeling that increased my fund of knowledge on the matter. This piece a compilation of knowledge I reaped from channeling departed ones for others.

I believe that this reality is an “Earth School” that offers both humans and animals the opportunity for soul growth. It is not for the light of heart. We know before incarnating in this realm that it will be challenging because the Veil of Unknowing, or Forgetfulness is put over us and we forget we aren’t separated from Source/God/Spirit/Creator/Mother-Father God/et al. I read a wonderful book called Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan that exemplifies the process of a spirit incarnating, as well as departing from a human body. (I would assume that the same holds for an animal, but I could be mistaken.) We follow some pre-birth planned objectives, unknowingly due to the Veil, and also experience post-incarnation free will choice “creations.” All experiences are for healing and the attainment of soul growth. Balancing negative karma is often a priority in the Earth School lifetime.

We are here and there and everywhere simultaneously! Since time is an illusion and there is no such thing as past, present, future, our linear concept of time needs to shift to the Now moment where all experiences are concurrent. What we experience in another incarnation affects all our other ones; there is a “bleed through” effect from others to this one. Therefore, it is wonderful to address issues we have because when we heal here, we heal ourselves everywhere. Generally, we work on themes that span all incarnations. So, if one is working on addressing laziness, they might find this theme across many incarnations in order to heal and lift the spirit across all time and space. Different movies, or scenarios offer the soul the opportunity to find balance around this concept.

Exit opportunities are chances to leave an incarnation. Before we are born, we position these exits as possibilities for leaving along our future incarnation’s timeline. It does not mean that we will definitely take the exit opportunity. The markers are there as possible transition points. I have had clients report that they were in straits and feared death, dreamed of leaving and even were so sick that they felt they were facing an exit point. In many cases, this was affirmative. I have assisted folks to decide in that Now moment whether they wished to leave their body. Always, the person stated firmly that they desired to remain. Why was the person cognizant of this exit? It could be that prior to incarnating, they believed that that moment on their timeline was sufficient and the life to be lived up until then would have afforded them enough to depart right there. Karma and unforgiveness in this and/or other lifetimes could have triggered an exit opportunity, as well. If I channeled this was the case, I guided the person to do forgiveness work across time and space, forwards and backwards across all generations.

The death and dying of a person or animal can be sudden or prolonged. Each soul knows exactly how to do this. I have read many times that we do this again and again, over and over and know exactly how to do it. Most fear the process, though, as we forgot how to do it due to the Veil.

I believe that whether a death is pre-birth planned or it is post-incarnation free will chosen, it is Divinely Ordered. Angels and guides and departed ones go to the soul and engage in discussion about whether they wish to leave. The process could be quick or stretched out. The person might not be aware of any etheric discussions; it does not matter because their higher self does. Sometimes, a soul leaves in a near-death experience, goes to “the other side” and decides to return to do more work and/or be there in Service for another or others. They might report seeing departed ones, pets, Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, elementals, Star Beings, consciousness, and spirit guides. The stories are fascinating, to say the least. If one relates their story, it is important to support them. The holy encounters are learning opportunities, as well as validation that we are supported by so many who love us dearly.

I read on several occasions that when a soul is in physical pain at the end of life, they appear to be here yet they are “on the other side.” I do not have proof for you of this phenomenon. I wish to believe this for myself. Enough said.

When a soul dies, they often are met by the dear ones they remember who have left and were close to them. It seems that the memory of these special ones assists in the transition to Home. Before leaving, one might report that their beloved one or ones are here and have come to take them. What a holy merging of support we have! I have learned that, upon death, a soul is held in such support because they might not realize they have departed from that lifetime. Transitioning Home is a delicate process. I have seen soul hospitals, angelic healing chambers, rehab centers, parties, as well as alone time by streams and mountains. One heals wounds of mind and heart, yet their unresolved issues remain. One cannot create higher spiritual development than what has been attained. The soul is free from a physical body that has a memory of dis-ease and aging, as well as a mind of trauma, etc. On a more “cosmic” level, the soul knows who it is and what issues need to be further looked at. There is no rush whatsoever to be clearer or higher or more or anything except be-ing and enjoying Home.

The Veil is lifted upon death and we see our incarnation from birth to death at once. We also see where we are incarnated everywhere else simultaneously. Imagine a room with a myriad of movie screens that play at once and we are the star! I believe there are many surprises at this point because we remember our true essence, our soul contracts from this lifetime (and whether we worked on any issues we hoped to look at), karma incurred, and how we grew.

We are met with Love. We are met with understanding. Some say we feel the Rapture — the Joy that overflows like a chalice filled with God’s spirit. I have felt this Rapture when departed souls blessed me for channeling them for their loved one here on earth. The magnitude of Joy is so great that a physical human body could not contain it due to the risk of breaking a circuit board. All is well when we return.

I learned that if we do not wish to encounter a soul we do not get along with, we have the free will choice to determine whether we connect with them. As free will choice is a birth rite here, it is at Home and throughout Creation. As we choose who we hang with here, we do the same there.

Our departed ones hear us when we speak to them from Earth School. They are with us, but we do not see them. Messages are sent to us; the ones who use their Divine Senses will pick up on the hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing, tasting, and smelling signs they give us. There are souls who channel their departed ones and pets. Their Veil is thin and, therefore, they are able to communicate with them. Some use automatic writing to connect. I would suggest putting white light protection around yourself if you choose to connect. You might get an imposter or a lower vibration, so ask for the highest version of that departed soul. Make sacred space around the communication area (you can do this via intention) so as to keep the conversation between you and them.

If you have not accepted another’s death, it might be the block that prevents you from connecting. I suggest working through grief in order to accept, have gratitude, and forgive one’s deciding it was time to go Home.

Bless you on your journey. I hope that my words have assisted you here.