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So, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and facilitating a remote session with my client. It’s a crisp winter day and the open blinds offer me a backyard view that is clear and bright. My eyes are drawn to a tree. It has been in my line of sight for the 21 plus years I have lived in my house. Why now? An image stood boldly before me. Did I see what I saw? I looked again. (Meanwhile, I’m conducting a session. This is all happening in milliseconds.) A sword brandished itself and confidently stated, “I have your back.” Amazed, delighted, and awed, I returned full attention in that split moment to my client.

The nature spirit – this tree – spoke its words of reassurance when I needed it most. Why during a session? It was here I sat where I would be in channel and open to my message for the receiving. (Yes. We can be channeling for others whilst receiving a channeled message for self. I’d like to call this “cosmic multitasking.”) Without this taking away from my being of Service, I shelved this communication for when I could sit and reflect the power of the sword’s proclamation.

I’ve never seen a sword reveal itself in a nature spirit. I’ve seen faces and other objects, but never a sword branded on the bark of a tree. My investigative curiosity led me to Archangel Michael and his Sword of Might. He stands with me. I considered the Knights Templar and remembered that my Grandpa was a Knights Templar in another incarnation. I was given his brass sword letter opener after he passed away. Grandpa stands with me. Their double-fisted firm grasp in my mind’s eye offered me comfort and strength.

Why now? Well, I’m experiencing human things that require the Sword. I Know I possess the Sword and the Shield, yet I must have needed a reminder that I’ve got this. (I do.)

Have you ever doubted visioning a Divine Message in nature? You would not be alone. Many chalk it up to their imagination. Others smile and consider it a cute occurrence. Since everything is a consciousness that is part of the Oneness, anything can convey anything. To embrace the concept that All is One expands possibilities and moves one to more deeply see, hear, know, feel, taste, and smell. How exciting when one branches out and goes on a limb to blossom with the understanding that we are One with nature! (I know. A bit much with the metaphor…) Not only are we connected, but we communicate with them and they with us. We offer them energy and vice versa. Guidance and support are twofold.

Do the double-take. Enjoy your sighting. Your curiosity will lead you to uncover the meaning behind the visual. It’s a fabulous movie we make. Nature spirits enjoy us as much as we enjoy them.

If you haven’t hugged a tree lately, it’s time.