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This piece is about food. We all eat it. Since birth. Correction. Since the womb. It comes in liquid form, then solid. We each have a different relationship with this concept, or consciousness required for our body’s nourishment and longevity. The topic is a hot one for many in that it brings up issues around self-control, distraction, self-harm, addiction, moderation, managing emotions, and preservation of self, to name a few. Many have been taught that “food is Love.” Others have found difficulty saying “no” when their group pressures them to have just one more bite. To live to eat has become the norm for many. Eating to live appears to be a fading fad.

How do we come to have food issues? I believe it’s a combination of one’s present incarnation’s challenges, as well as other incarnations’ karma. Souls might pre-birth plan to have eating issues such as starvation, not enough food to be found, hyperthyroidism, purging, anorexia, begging, loss of crops, health issues that require medical nutrients to sustain one’s life, and illnesses, congenital disorders, and injuries that affect metabolism, growth, and the ability to keep weight on. Others might pre-birth plan gluttony, binging, difficulty losing weight, hypothyroidism, emotional eating, and snacking leading to being overweight, and bulimia. Examples of “too much” might include hoarding food, having been wealthy and food was consumed to signal status, padding oneself to prevent future physical and/or sexual abuse, low self-esteem around a more medium or large physique, competition with and jealousy towards those who are naturally thin, taking medicines that promote weight gain, and the avoidance of uncomfortable emotions leading to overeating as a form of self-soothing. Being made an example, being on display, modeling, and being scapegoated for one’s looks in any way might contribute to the creation of a food issue. Control and the lack of it could bring on a poor relationship with consumption.

If one does not pre-birth plan eating issues, they might find that their post-incarnation free will choices led them to this end. Whatever the case may be, sustenance of the physical body is a common Earth School life lesson opportunity.

There are a myriad of examples of negative karma around food that might bleed into one’s present incarnation. In the “not enough” category, we might find one blamed self and other around having been starved, low crop yields leading to famine and death of a community, health issues that plagued the soul, being forced to eat things that weren’t wanted to be ingested, feeling unworthy, neglected, abused, abandoned, being on life support with only a bag of liquid nutrients keeping one alive (and where they might have met their death, as well), anger, resentment, and depression around having difficulty putting on weight due to having been a premature baby or being on medicines precluding weight gain. The avoidance of uncomfortable emotions could lead to undereating and even self-harm in the form of starvation.

I brainstorm here. Again, there are innumerable reasons why one would find themselves with unforgiveness towards self and other with respect to food.

What ties these under- and overeating issues are painful feelings. Loss of control often succeeds the avoidance of experiencing them. It is so human to get caught in the food karma cycle. What happened around the food movie that tripped one up where they now have (negative) karma? Answer: They blamed self and other. “I shouldn’t have done_______” “What a bad person I am for_______” “(Name-calling of self.)” “How could you do this to me? You (insert name call here)!” The list is endless. With the Veil over us, we forget that unforgiveness creates karma. It creates an imbalance with the Universe and must be corrected somewhere in some way.

How to balance karma? Answer: “Across time and space, forwards and backwards across all generations, ‘I forgive myself. I forgive everyone and everything.'” You can peel the onion (no food pun intended) each day by stating these sentences, using the intention you are releasing food karma.

“What can I learn from this?” is a wonderful question I recommend everyone ask themselves. If you find yourself fascinated by a food issue, have a conversation with the food you might be focused on. Maybe it’s a restaurant, kitchen, chef, family member who fixes up meals for you, or even your physical body. Have a direct, straight-up discussion and hear what the other says in response to your question(s). All answers lie within. You might have forgotten and need to be brought back to your Knowing.

Food is an energy, a frequency, a consciousness that enters this plane to support your vessel, the Temple, which houses your spirit. With resolution of issues, you will find it a friend who is there when you need it. It will offer the nutrients you deserve. Loving self is paramount and this will further enhance a healthy relationship with food and your Temple. You are Love. We all are. Even food. Bless yourself for coming this far on your journey to consider addressing any issues you might have with this blessed concept we call food.

Mangia bene,