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So much has happened since my last penned piece. It’s wake up time and you are on the front lines! I suggest getting the popcorn.

The Bat Signal is up, folks.  In challenging times, we in Gotham City need to call upon the Highest, the Greatest – the Ones on High.  (Are you still with me?) Send ‘em up! As a collective, the power of prayer is exponential.

We are at the end of an epoch in human history. Every 26,000 plus thousand years, Spirit/Source/God/Creator takes the needle off the record player. We have come to the end of the album. Is this something to be worried about? NO! It’s FABULOUS!  We have experienced other endings: The Great Flood, The Ice Age, The Dinosaurs, Atlantis, Lemuria. This time it’s different. THIS time, Earth returns to its original model – what it was intended to be: a LOVE planet.

Humanity is in transition. It’s called The Great Awakening.  With tumult comes change…for the better. There will be growing pains. Those who have not followed the goings on behind the scenes might be shocked and dismayed. I suggest finding support from those who are peaceful and nonjudgmental. If you are fearful, slow down and rest your mind. Take care of yourself and consider thinking positively. It’s better than thinking negatively. 

I suggested sending up prayer. You might not do this. That’s OK. I am offering it as a suggestion because it feels good, it’s a way to connect with something outside of yourself, and it is a powerful way to open your heart and communicate what you are feeling. Some were trained to pray a certain way. For others, there is no specific way to do it. Your soul knows.

The Divine Ones that see our Bat Signal smile. They have been with us – each and every one of us – though this incarnation and all incarnations. They know us intimately. As a collective, They also know what we have endured in each lifetime. The events occurring around the planet are auspicious, to say the least. There is much assistance from our Galactic Star Brothers and Sisters. The angelic realm is busy, as well. We have departed ones, guides, elementals, and consciousnesses that are working tirelessly to offer us solace, information, support, healing, and guidance. Each and every soul is supported, probably more so at this pivotal time.

Reach out if you need help. You know who to trust for good, warm words. If you are offering support to others, make sure you rest in between calls and visits.  Everyone is to rest, sleep, eat, and exercise if possible.

If you are crabby, please do not take it out on others.  Most are confined at this time and need space and security.  If you have not addressed an addiction(s), please consider it now. If you need professional help, please seek it now.

The unification of humanity is occurring.  Divisions that were created will dissolve. They were manmade. There will be healing. It will take time for this to occur. This was prophesied and channeled. Love has already won! Now, we must see this play out in our physical world.

When you sit down to imagine what type of ending you would like this album to sound like, will it be with skips and scratches or with a crescendo that makes your heart leap? I suggest the latter.

The Bat Signal is up. It’s been seen. We are supported, held, loved, graced, and blessed.  If you don’t feel it, consider it is as a possibility and go in again for another feel.

I send each and every one of you Love and Hugs and Support. We, as a village, stand as One. Love ALWAYS wins over fear.

Enjoy the LP. I am. 😉

Love is your name,