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Outside of this dense reality, all exists in the Now as time is a third-dimensional construct. However, on this earth plane we find a linear past, present, and future. Incarnations throughout Creation afford us much by way of expansion and growth.  Given the concept of time on this earth plane, occurrences are perceived differently. Feelings associated with them can range from horrific to euphoric; they are experienced and then what? The Akashic Records, the Holy Library where all is recorded, preserved, and protected holds the collective’s memories. We carry notes or recordings of what we have encountered, too. What we do with these feelings associated with the memories is what I wish to delve into.

We are here to have challenging experiences in order to shift our perspectives and find satisfaction in the process. If we do not, it isn’t a strike against us. Before landing here, we discuss our hopes of what we wish to accomplish. Often, we place obstacles on our earthly timeline. These obstacles are exactly what we need in order to move forward, upward,…for more… (There are incarnations of “vacation” and simply being, yet I have not found many to have chosen this path.)

Let’s take the flowers you see on this page. Maybe they were proffered during a marriage proposal. Possibly they sat for several hours in a parlor. Perhaps they were an objet d’ art used for sketching in an art class. The flowers are authentic, true to themselves, and play their role perfectly. For each person in relation to the actor we shall call Flowers, the experience and takeaway is different.

Emotions are evoked throughout one’s lifetime. On the Emotional Palette, we can choose from the spectrum of horror to euphoria. Each emotion is at our disposal for learning’s sake. OK. First vignette: the soul believes the marry-me-bouquet was from the “wrong” suitor. Second vignette: Flowers-induced hives. Third vignette: student won first prize in the sketching contest and felt undeserving of the recognition. The range of emotions one may experience from these examples is multitudinous. The type of emotion elicited can determine how quickly it is identified, felt, and possibly released. I say “possibly” because not everyone releases emotions.

I believe this is a healthy manner of experiencing an event that prompts an emotional response: Event occurs and emotions are experienced. If the emotions are positive, they are often identified, felt, and released. Holding onto positive emotions for fear of losing the vibe can create imbalance, stuckness, and a jonesing for more of that. Lower vibration emotions not identified and felt often remain in a person’s mind, body, and spirit due to fear. Karma from other lifetimes also contributes to one’s difficulty releasing them.        

Being able to identify one’s emotions is very important. I highly recommend learning how to do this if one has difficulty. Feeling emotions can occur from the moment an event transpires to years later. The sooner a feeling is felt, the healthier one’s outcome is in terms of learning and moving forward. Repressed, or tamped down emotions that are buried can stunt spiritual learning and forward motion. Denial — the longest river — is a common human defense that requires work in order for emotions to surface, be felt, and released. Facing a conflict and moving through it with strength, support, and faith is my suggestion for you. Therapy is an excellent way to address conflict avoidance, difficulty identifying and feeling emotions, and releasing what does not serve you.

Flowers are simply the catalyst and you, as a movie maker in Earth School, enjoy using them as a tool on your movie set. Holding onto any negative feelings associated with them might look like pressed flowers, or distorted imprinted ones that, over time, become more challenging to peel off your mind and heart. Therefore, before you find yourself with a book and flowers to put in them for posterity, consider releasing what holds you back in relation to them. A key question that assists with releasing a fear-based emotion is this: “What can I learn from this?” Also, feelings aren’t facts. They come and go. Feelings never killed anyone.

The Akashic Records stores all lives, events, memories, feelings. Our releasing them does not mean they disappear. They are stored in a memory bank that is ours for viewing. To send Home feelings that do not serve us for recording’s sake is an intention one might consider when surrendering emotions. During Life Review, we have a more contemplative and thoughtful examination of our experiences and feelings. With no judgment, we learn even more from that vantage point. Lighter and wiser we become…

Thank you for taking time to read my Flowers-on-a-page.

With Love,