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This is a playground. Did you know this? If you weren’t aware of your surroundings — your environment — this Earth School is a wonderland for fun! We use this millieu of a space to create and play. For those of you who forgot, I am reminding you. Put on your “playing cap” and let’s tawk.

I believe I’ve been dancing to the beat of another drummer all my life. I felt I was different, but I didn’t realize how much so. My participation in activities seemed a bit outside the box. In high school, I was a punker in that I listened to the music and dressed the part. Dancing to Rock Lobster by the B52’s, wearing extension cords as belts, and sticking safety pins in my ears (I didn’t know I was supposed to bevel the pin’s edge on a Belgian block before putting it in my ear) were some hallmarks of my engagement. The tampon earrings were a highlight in college! One of the greatest times of my life — when I was free to be me. Expressing myself outrageously felt honest and true to myself. Folks smiled, laughed, and entertained the possibility that I was not a flake. It took me a while to realize the difference between flaky and clever…

Today I play. A friend described my mode of dress as “boho.” I throw Yiddish into my channeling when it’s appropriate. The Krispy Kreme picture remains as my wallpaper on Facebook to remind everyone of my favorite food that brings me to a state of Nirvana. No longer the wild dancer, I am now a middle-aged player who continues to be an outside the box soul with quirks and fun attributes. Cracker jack charm bracelet on one wrist and hair up in a hat, I chat with cashiers and bank tellers about the New Earth.

Have you considered playing here? If you have not, I suggest taking a baby step in this direction. We have come into a lifetime for growth’s sake. Part of expansion involves fun. Many spiritualists discuss working through obstacles in order to gain perspective, work through karma, address conflict, and move on to the next Tetrus level via forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and positivity. I have and will continue to discuss this aspect of Earth School. What I wish to stress is the human need for play. With play, our creative nature takes hold and we move out of tight spaces. We smile, laugh, ponder, and glide. Creating something new is a form of growing as a soul. Therefore, playclothes must be donned in order to offer ourselves the opportunity to do so.

If you have forgotten how to play, I would suggest asking yourself what your hopes and dreams are. Are they realistic in their kookiness? Is there a bucket list you have put aside that needs attention? Play comes in many forms. If one is sitting down to consider how to play, the ideas do not have to be outrageous in nature. Each soul knows what play means to them. It surely is not work. Draw up the list and dive in.

Have you ever gone fishing? Rummaging at a church sale? Making jewelry? Cooking or baking? What about throwing a frisbee with a friend or dog? Play might involve having a gathering with friends and chatting and laughing over a pot luck meal. Our bodies and minds and spirits are refreshed and move into higher frequencies when we are engaged in play. One might even detox as a result of playing. Shifting from the norm to a different narrative is calming and renewing. It’s time to remember that every soul is a creative being that has the ability to be free and whimsical if attention is put there.

Do not measure, count, or judge your play. Each person is different. Some require much creative time. Others – well, a little dab’ll do ya. All’s fine.

I am a playful spirit that enjoys encouraging others to play here. The Art of Play seems to be hidden or buried from many. The “playbook” is in your hands. It just needs to be retrieved. When open, it’s a pissa.

Enjoy your time here. It goes by quickly. Make the most of it.

With Love,