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You might be anticipating I will write about nature spirits again. Nature pictures inspire me, yet I am not penning another piece about how these spirits speak to us in a myriad of ways. This lady in the tree inspired me to discuss perception and Divine Knowing. It is a concept worth discussing today.

I moved into a house over 23 years ago. The backyard was quite bare and trees lined the perimeter separating my neighbor’s property from mine. One tree stood out from the others. What appeared to me were two eyes, a nose, a smile, a necklace around its neck, and eyes scattered around the trunk. It was obvious to me there was a lady in the tree. My perception was acute and every time I glanced at her, she smiled back. I had a deep Knowing that a nature spirit was planted to message me, staid, erect, and confident.

How might I perceive this where others might not? How could my intuition be a clear and strong Knowing where others might not feel as strong in their perception of her? I ask these questions because I find pondering fun! Every soul not only amasses information, or Knowledge into their present lifetime’s fund of knowledge but also aggregates Knowledge from all their incarnations throughout Creation. One might not realize why they are able to perceive how they do and feel so strongly about it. One does not have to. What is neat to consider is that one’s perception is based on their lifetimes’ experiences and conclusions made with each respective incarnation. The depth of one’s trusting their intuition also is explained by their cumulative experiences and conclusions made.

Some do not see. Some waiver, or go back and forth regarding what they might perceive. Some are adamant about their conclusion while others put it on the shelf with the possibility their view might not be accurate. There are no better or less thans here. I find it fascinating how some conclude quickly, or perceive immediately while others take much longer, if at all to formulate a viewpoint.

Here’s more: What about ones who tell you that their perception is the accurate one and must be embraced? What about one judging another for not concluding fast enough or at all? You might find souls who demand conformity and/or judge you for not perceiving and intuiting as they do. Issues of control are often associated with this behavior.

If you find you have difficulty examining things, coming up with viewpoints, and possibly sticking with your intuition, or conclusions, see whether you can heal. Uncover blocks related to perception and Knowing. Whether it be through meditation, journaling, chatting with others, group work, or seeing a therapist, you might find relief by removing what is in your way.

The lady in the tree stood behind my house for the almost 23 years I lived there. I watched her get rained on, grow moss, and lose much definition to the facial features and eyes that adorned her. What was not lost was the smile I still have inside that there was a lady there in nature spirit form who smiled every day I lived there.

May your perception of this reality be filled with clarity and your Knowing be satisfying and true… for you.

With Love,