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Oppressive. Dark. Limiting. Is there no way out? I believe that many have lost faith and hope. A cloud enshrouds them. Is it just possible that what appears to be doomsday is a cleansing after all? Is it imaginable that it is darkest before the dawn? This “no way out” concept does not compute if we are transitioning to a new and improved creation.

The pressure cooker dead end experience is quite universal. Folks from all over the world express malcontent, despair, and confusion. Truthers and Lightworkers write op eds about the coming days and months with fervor. They, too, seek to personally manage this collective “chaos.” What is NOT penned is what EXACTLY will happen and when. Each channel, truther, whistle blower, Qanon, digital soldier, and patriot has their own filter, as well as their accumulation of wealth of knowledge. The reality is that the truth we seek outside ourselves is varied, with overlap here and there. Channels and truthers will not be given EXACTLY what will occur because, on a higher level, the offering of such intel will shift timelines. You might wonder how it makes this shift. If souls knew what would happen and when, they might become fearful. Others would learn of events that would occur in the foreeable future. The collective might be swayed and, as a result, a timeline could shift to an outcome that is of a lower vibration. Fear shifts timelines. So, with breadcrumbs dropped, hard evidence shared, intuition gleaned, and patterns identified, folks share what they perceive to be true.

I suggest going inside and asking yourself what your soul desires. I believe all souls desire truth and transparency, as well as Love and Peace.  If you come across information that is doomy and gloomy, you get to decide whether it is your truth to embrace. You can receive information and use your discernment whether it is from a high source. When all information is reaped, you lay it out and conclude what direction you wish to face. You might be offered information from sources that express this is the only option. You can choose to reject it. It takes practice and some mind bending if you haven’t done this before. Go with your gut. What feels right to you? What do you wish to experience in a really GOOD movie?

I will not choose the NO WAY OUT timeline.

My characters are humble. They are giving and loving, witty and clever. They are of Service to Other. The cast embraces that we are All One.

How does your movie roll? Is it a film noir or joie de vivre flick?

What is wonderful is that each and every soul determines the outcome of their movie. If you hearken to the movies where darkness is within and surfaces only to find heroes save the day, you will smile when you realize you might just be in one of those living movies today. Evil is vanquished from the earth. Justice prevails. In order for this to take place, darkness MUST surface to be seen and eliminated in order to make room for a higher vibration.

It is time to consider ridding yourself of the boxed in, limited belief that we are going to hell in a hand basket. Instead, consider we are on our way to the Krispy Kreme for more than a dozen donuts of many varieties: sweet and luscious.

I say, always, “MAKE THIS A GOOD MOVIE.” If you add glaze and sprinkles, it’s even better.

Hot glazed and true, with Love,