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This tailor chalk image reminds me of making my mark on fabric for pinning, sewing, basting, hemming, etc. The chalks are colorful and provide contrast for greater visibility. Today’s piece is about making your mark on the fabric of life so others might see you, your contribution, your legacy. I believe that most souls here have asked, “What am I doing here? What is my purpose? Have I left something of my creation for others to appreciate or relish?” If one has not had this existential conversation with self, that if fine. It’s not necessary in order to play in Earth School. To ask these questions is, however, a method of introspection that leads to spiritual growth. I throw these questions out here to stimulate mental appetites.

There are souls who incarnate to simply be. Their frequency signature — accumulated energy brand that distinguishes them from other — is unique and offers much in the way of existing on the earth plane. Living an uncomplicated life with few twists and turns, like a vacation, is magnificent and enough to make a mark on the collective incarnated here (and everywhere, for that matter). There are souls with uncomplicated lives who identify as old souls or “not from around here” who feel they aren’t doing enough. I share they are enough and their presence is needed for us all. If this soul continues to feel unsettled, they are to consider whether there is more for them to offer humanity.

Others here do not know why they have come to partake in a third-dimensional physical reality. Their skillset, personality, and passions are identifiers as to what their soul’s essence is — how they roll. With self-reflection, one can come to see who they truly are in relation to other. Their gifts are within and might need to be excised if they haven’t already. It is sweet to witness the soul-making their very apparent mark in their lifetime without knowing they are doing so. The realization that their daily goings-on have always been mark-making is profound once identified! “I have always been doing this, therefore, I am making a difference! This brings me joy!”

The soul who has difficulty comprehending that what they offer humanity is a gift, that it is enough: I cannot impart more strongly that one cannot quantify how much or how many need to be touched by your gifts. Only you can realize that your life here is filled with gifts from opening a door for another to passing the salt across the table at dinner. The smile to the cashier and the permitting one to walk past you first on the sidewalk might shift another in ways you cannot conceive. Do not doubt your strength, your wisdom, grace, and honesty. When you are transparent and yielding, much is revealed to yourself about your true essence. This is how you ultimately realize who you are and how you are making your mark.

If one draws a blank till their passing, they will remember what they offered us all when the Veil is lifted upon return Home. What a grand revelation!

For today, I believe you are making your mark. If there is more of you to shine for more you-ness to assist the collective, summon it and spread it around. We are grateful for you.

May your year be blessed with you here for us all.

Love and hugs,