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 The time of promise is upon us. It sounds illogical, as time is an illusion and promise is ahead instead of upon. (Word play is my game.)  We are in the midst of a shift that is beyond our mind’s grasp. Many have heard of the shift. Some have experienced it. We live in a Now that is electric and moving very quickly, yet it feels like taffy, very sluggish and drawn out. Since time is an illusion, we must remind ourselves that the pace of events is in the Now and much is occuring in this space. I suggest you make it rain….now! Do you believe you can intend to create miracles? I do. Rain is needed to wash away sorry and guilt and fear and… You, a powerful creator being living during this shift of consciousness, can summon your artist and cleanse yourself and us all. Make it rain!

Some are lost here and wonder how I play with words and concepts. Time and illusion? Intention and rain? If I have lost you, know that your higher self understands. Ask it to catch you up to speed. A shift of consciousness is upon us. Many wake to spiritual gifts and “knowings.” It is quite miraculous to witness. I hear stories every day from folks who share their cosmic happenings. My heart swells. You are no different from others in that you are hardwired with creativity and abilities you might not have been told you possess. Maybe you have been informed of your beautiful abilities. I validate this for you here.

With so many faltering and lost, losing faith and hope, we need to gather up our strength and take another breath of life in order to move forward. As a collective, we feel and know each other inherently. Interconnected and alive as One, we raise each other up. Ascension of the soul is our mission here on earth. Now is a time of clearing, expanding, and growing. “More! More!” is our heart’s cry. Define how you feel now and ask yourself whether you believe you arrived as part of a group to expand and go higher on the “spiritual ladder.” If an affirmative comes through, then make it rain!

You can do more than you realize. You are more than you realize. You are everything. This is not egoistic. This is not hubris and narcissism. This is the true nature of being a Godspark. As you come into knowing your beloved self, you will feel comfortable with the concept of holiness and grace and being of Service to Other. Making it rain for the cleansing of the planet assists us in moving up and about, forward and onward with grace and ease into a New Earth reality that is burgeoning with miracles and abundance for all.

When you work on self, you release what does not serve you. I highly suggest doing so at this time. Fears and addictions of any kind are obstacles. Doubt in self and doubt in a power greater than self will block seeing and knowing and feeling and hearing and tasting and smelling (Divine Sensing). We, as Lightworkers, are here to assist you in this process.

Intend to work through your stuff and be gentle with yourself. When you are strong enough to walk and stand upright with fortitude, ask yourself how you can use intention of the Light to assist humanity. We need you now. We need everyone to step up NOW.

I ask you to make it rain for humanity in how you feel we need help. Please come from a place of Love and Peace when choosing how to assist – how to be of Service to Other. One might wish for others to drop their hatred. Another might intend that communities unite and rebuild. Still, another might intend that energies touch the souls of the world with Joy so that they find solace and peace in order to make it through the day, or even moment.

You are here reading this because you know you are part of a larger group, a strong community that wants to see freedom and liberation of the spirit. I wish you strength in finding your superhero powers within so that you might heal first and then shine your Light outwards.

Bless you at this time and always. I send you support and Love today and the next day and so on…

Love is your Name.