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Trust the science. It’s a new phrase that doesn’t seem to jive with me. I enjoyed the subject in high school and made it through Chemistry with a B! What concerns me at this auspicious time in Earth’s history is the subliminal connotation to rely on the visible and reportable. You might ask me, “Joanie. What’s up with this? Why the concern? We see and report from the moment we are born until we die. I don’t get it.” I’ll ‘splain right here:

There’s a departure from faith and trusting the unseen and unreportable. It’s just my belief (no pun intended). We can agree to disagree. With that being said, I am hugely aware of others moving away from their belief in a power greater than themselves. Agnosticism and atheism are growing and satanism is becoming popular, too. (Do the research. The statistics are available to all.) Again, you might ask me why I care so much about faith. I was a faithful religious Reform Jew all my life. When the Divine gifts came in around 2003,’4, ‘5, my faith deepened considerably because I newly embraced concepts outside of my religious paradigm. Reincarnation, karma, Divine Guidance, discarnates (ghosts), etc. became relevant as my Divine senses were activated. I had not believed in anything past God, who I believed was separate from me. My spiritual awakening expanded my Weltanschauung; faith deepened as my paradigm shifted.

There are many who believe there is nothing more than what is before them. I do not judge them, for I was they. Training via parents, religion, peers, school, and the media account for the third-dimensional physical perception of our reality. I see how I was a disbeliever, not even a skeptic when it came to anything metaphysical, miraculous, and synchronous. I was well-trained for many years. The dark night of the soul assisted in my choosing to challenge myself by exploring an aspect of reality that had been basically forbidden to touch. My conventional training as a clinical social worker was another hurdle I overcame. “Wow! Not only is there a God, or infinite intelligence that is Love, but there are other realms and High Energies that assist us.” What a trip and a half to have expanded in my 40’s. I thought I was done — fully baked. Ha.

Many souls come into a lifetime to have their faith challenged. One might have been an atheist; to shift to agnosticism would be a coup. Another might have been a “religious fanatic”, choosing to temper themselves with hopes of finding center here. Still another might leave religion and embrace Unity Consciousness. There are many, many pre-birth plans that take faithfulness into consideration. There are powers that wish to move souls away from knowing they are Godsparks and have never been separated from God/Source/Spirit/Creator/the I AM/Mother-Father God. We come into a physical body to have a very challenging experience for soul growth opportunity. Then, we go Home. We are eternal, folks.

So, a battle of Light and dark ensues and the push to move one away from what I believe are truths is fierce. Have you been caught up in questioning that there’s more out there than meets the eye? Has your faith faltered during these them thar End Times? Well, if you nod in the affirmative, you might just have been manipulated away from your Knowing.

Take notice. We are not here to be able to prove the existence of God – or of a power greater than ourselves. That was the entire point of having faith. We stand at the edge, the precipice of a New Earth and by the gift of free will, we get to choose our reality. I say to you, “Just ’cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.” Shouting from the mountain tops, this conventionally-trained shink-gone-healer-psychic-medium asks you to consider this.

Bless you.