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 Sometimes we just need a reminder. It’s usually when I am doing the mundane that a big “kapow” is delivered by the Other Side. Who would’ve thunk that Soft Scrub would lead me to the angels? Hence, my piece for you here.

The toilet needed a cleaning. I pulled out the Soft Scrub with bleach and did what needed to be done. A bit of excess splashing was cleaned up and I was finished. (Cleaning – whether it be dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, or wiping down surfaces – offers my mind a rest.)

Another day passed and ironing was necessary. (The rote back and forth always centers me.) I pulled my shirt onto the board and saw an absence of the fabric’s pattern, which equated to a bleach mark. My “ugh” shifted to “oh, well.” Joanie can wear a bleach-stained shirt, yet it doesn’t sit well with her deep down inside.

Two weeks later, I decided to disguise the stain by embroidering a heart over it. Prettifying was my goal. (The up and down motion of thread-in-needle is calming to me.) The heart turned into an oblong shape that didn’t resemble what was originally intended. Without judging what I had created, I looked deeply at the threads and saw a feather. Satisfied, I added a little “tail” to it to finish it off. The shirt went in the closet and I was done.

This morning, I opened my garage door to take in the garbage can (another mundane act) and watched a tiny white and fluffy feather roll towards my feet. The shape of this downy ball was a mirror of what I had embroidered the evening before!

How could I have known to stitch a feather one day and be gifted with one the very next morning? The angels had been with me throughout the toilet cleaning, ironing, stitching, and garbage can retrieval. With such clarity, I knew their feather was a physical reflection of their presence in my life.

My takeaway: “Follow your intuition. Your repairs continue beautifully. Keep rolling with it. We are with you.” This angelic “miracle” was simple, yet powerful for me. I marvel in the synchronicity of the steps that led to this transmission. I do not believe in coincidences.

If one keeps things simple, follows their intuition by taking care of business each day/tending to their affairs, they will find cheeky, fabulous communications from the Divine Ones who love us very much. The simple deeds we do are usually performed when our minds are clear. If one’s mind isn’t clear, messages might not come through well. Clean up the chatter. Wash the windows to the soul so the messages can enter through the door.

I hope this story inspires you to simplify, go inside, follow your intuition, tend to your daily routine, and watch for miracles. You are loved and supported by those seen and unseen.

With Love,