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You might have heard the term “frequency signature” when one has referred to one’s essence, or vibration. I will do my best to offer meaning to this phrase as it necessitates more color offered to it. We are Godsparks of the Oneness. Each ever-expanding aspect of Creator plays to know Itself better. As we play, we evolve. My truth is that everything is energy; a frequency can be attributed to each piece of Creator in Creation. (wordy in alliteration) Therefore, each aspect is easily identified by the level at which it vibrates. This is referred to as a frequency signature.

In Earth School, we are spirits inhabiting a human body. The temple as a vessel has shape and form. Our eyes gaze at ourselves and others in order to identify differences and similarities. No two are alike. We require sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste — visceral senses — to parse one from the other. Our Divine Knowing — claircognizance — might kick in when we have soul recognition and that simpatico with another, which is nonverbal and inexplicable. Clairsentience — Divine Feeling — is different from tactile exploration of other and further deepens our knowing others in relation to self.

“Off planet,” there are realities where we do not require a physical body in order to have an experience. So, how might a soul differentiate one from other? It is their level at which they vibrate. Imagine a snowflake design or a sacred geometrical figure. Each Godspark has its own history with twists and turns, ups and downs, and stories galore. No two are alike. We may choose to put on a face or figure or appearance if this is our inclination. At any time, we may return to our original frequency signature. It’s all good fun. Our creativity abounds and we are free to play — without deception — with respect to how others find us, know us, remember us, greet us, and play with us.

There are lower frequencies in that there are souls who have not spiritually developed to a level that is closer to the Godhead – the highest point of vibration of the Oneness. Why might these souls have a lower frequential signature? Some reasons may include: stuckness, negative karma, the need to remain at their present level for exploration and/or healing, being co-opted by other lower vibrating souls, and simply forgetting they have the free will to move out of their present vibration to one that offers more opportunities and Joy.

When one speaks of “likes finding likes,” frequency signatures are often included in this discussion. Souls often match with those whose frequency signatures jive with theirs. If they fall into a similar range, they tend to understand each other. It must be noted that, in Earth School, dramas can be played out between souls of similar frequencies, yet one is playing the role of lower vibration and the other of higher vibration.

Clients often ask me regarding finding a partner for companionship. For some, Spirit will recommend they work on eliminating issues that lower their present vibration. When the personal work is done, the soul’s frequency signature rises. They will increase the chances (no pun intended) of finding a mate whose vibration is higher than if they had not worked through their issues. Remember: likes find likes, unless there is an agreement to work through issues with apparently disparate signatures. I suggest always striving to be the highest version of self to bring the frequential match to your life.

I hope your frequency signature sings like vibrant wild roses. May you shine and find others who see your beauty.

Frequentially signed,