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First off, with regard to the picture of HOPE, I am not suggesting one eliminate this word from their vernacular. A picture says a thousand words. Please read on. 😊

In my spiritual passaging, I have learned much about creating one’s reality, thoughts and words manifesting into form, and language being a conduit in the matter. Speaking – expressing with words whether to self or other – assists in be-coming, or coming into being. Focusing on words is inherent to my person; I was a sociolinguistics major in college for a short time. My spiritual awakening coupled with my love of language affords me the opportunity to share what I  conclude as my truth. We do not have to see eye to eye; agreeing to disagree is fabulous. Please remember: there’s your truth, my truth, and The Truth.

On the Other Side, we do not need language. Telepathy is often the main form of expression with other. (The internal conversation is probably as quiet as what we do now in this physical reality.) There is Light Language that is understood by all. A myriad of dialects exists, as well, for souls enjoy diversity. It’s like the Mandarin, or umbrella medium, and the many variations within that we can choose from. Here, I believe languages were created to divide souls. Bridging gaps via learning other languages and/or having a translator takes work and is not possible for many. This does not mean that languages and their expression in Earth School is bad. We can use language to express our thoughts and feelings to self and other, despite the division between language groups.

The nature of each language can be examined for roots, or origins. One may go down rabbit holes to learn that many words have origins that can move one away from higher vibrations. Once this is revealed to a soul, it is important to accept, feel any lower vibrational feelings that arise, and release them. Now, what to do with the new knowledge about words and the tangles that can bind? I suggest transcending and using intention to “override” all subliminal meanings within one’s current vernacular. Here will not be the place I will deep dive and share the underbelly meanings of many words we utter. I digressed, yet it is my Blog and I am able to pen what moves me. Instead, Now, I will discuss word usage and how they relate to the Law of Attraction.

There are purists that “should” others regarding word usage in manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I am a keep-it-simple type o’ gal, more of a descriptivist, who likes to dig deeper, go past a “should”, and find a solution. On many occasions, prescriptivists have corrected my verbiage when I have used the words “hope” or “try”. I will offer examples: “I ‘hope’ so.” “I will ‘try.’” In both cases, some have shared that these two words do not propel another to meet their desired end. “If you are always hoping, you will never see what you wish for.” “If you are always trying, you will never succeed.” My take on this is that there are many souls who aren’t there yet and need an anchor or buoy of sorts to hold onto first. If one lacks hope, it serves is a bridge or stepping stone to faith and the belief that one can vision something new. If one has not tried and now utters they will try, it moves them forward.

I believe this parallels the continuum of religiosity. If one is an atheist and then becomes an agnostic, they have moved closer to faith. Agnosticism can move one towards more sound faith, and so on. Hoping and trying are anchors – middle grounds – for many. These words can be seen as hindrances or aides in the process of moving upwards. Why would Spirit put these words in our midst if they weren’t to be examined and utilized?

When one tells you not to say or do something, consider your truth and your motivation behind your word and deed. Just because another holds firmly to their belief does not mean that it is your truth. Haven’t you been living to glean and reap for self first?

I hope you try. Try to hope. It might be exactly what you need today. Maybe tomorrow, you will see the fruits of your words and deeds.

I wish you blessings and more.

With Love,