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Here we are. We sit in our respective homes, or “play stations” reading articles, watching videos, TV shows, documentaries, and/or listening to or making music. Each one has their version of fun, entertainment, amusement, and having a good time. We bide our time. Some rest. Others gather information. Still, others play and frolic. However one spends their time during this quite fascinating and surreal time, there is something to be experienced that has never been experienced before in Earth’s history. We have been separated from our families, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances in one way or another and have been pressed to adapt to a different milieu. How one comes to settle in is individual. Whether one finds peace and a certain level of comfort and satisfaction is questionable.  The concept of being kept away from, left alone, quarantined, imprisoned or divided is what I wish to discuss here.

We are One. Godsparks are we. As pieces of the Oneness, we set out to incarnate in Earth School for learning’s sake. There are other aspects of us who are incarnated on other Earth timelines, as well as other civilizations throughout Creation. Specifically speaking about us who are here, today on this timeline, we have been moved away from our physical stations, whether they be work, home, and play. It is challenging enough for us to be spiritual beings in human bodies having an earthly experience. It is another to be told after achieving some level of understanding and ease that we must leave what we know and move to another reality. My reality was waking up, leaving my home freely to join with others in work and play when I wanted. One’s daily routine becomes rote behavior. It could even be taken for granted. Now, I have shifted my reality to conform to what is not comfortable for me. I will presume that you feel similarly.

The Collective was tossed and thrown out of whack. We were “divided” as a result of a story that is in our wake. Imagine our sitting in a Yahtzee or Boggle barrel. Someone picked it up, shook it, and threw us out; we fell to our respective, separate locations. Shaken, not stirred, we rest after the initial sting. We realize that something is amiss. Disoriented, we call out to our neighbors and realize they are also responding to the big bang. How do we continue to remain a cohesive unit when we have been divided? Or have we?

Division is an illusion. There are powers that seek to divide. It is a power play. Fear mongering via separation aids in the creation of a weaker unit. I believe that we are Love Bugs! (Many hear me describe folks as such.) We are strong and genuine and have a lot to say. We come with our respective stories and wish to connect in one way or another with each other. Some wish to say more and connect more. Others wish to say and connect less. There is no better or worse here. What is important to remember is that despite our living separately – distant, divided – we have never been. We can NEVER be split because we are ONE! All an illusion!

If you wish to feel more connected, imagine being more connected. Visualize your energy field reaching out to us all. We feel you and connect with you as you reach out.  If you need strength, reach out.  If you need reassurance, determination, fortitude, peace, happiness, comfort, reach out. We are here and haven’t ever left you.

Just because there is a power or force or idea that has interfered with your really good movie you have been making, it does not mean that you have to become disempowered or diminished in any way. You remain you. You remain whole. No one can take you away from you. We, as Love Bugs, share that vision of wholeness and health. It is our birthright to live as One.  If you do not understand the concept of the Collective, imagine our being interconnected energetically. It is a “soul fabric” that binds us. Love is the material and we are woven as this tapestry.

You appear divided in the 3D – the physical world, yet you have never been. You might need to remind yourself that we are together in Love. We were just busted out of a game barrel and are being tested what we are made of. Use this time to reconnect mentally. Be your best friend, eat cleanly, well, and enough, rest and get enough sleep, exercise if possible, think positively, reach out if you need assistance, and pray that we soon find ourselves back in the Game of Life.

It will be a better Game, too. Watch for this. The old instruction booklet is being reformulated and a new one is being introduced. Just watch…

I send you good times and good vibes today and always.

Love is your name.