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 This is what we strive for: healing our mind, body, and spirit. Becoming whole. Have you been on this road? I wanted to address wholeness and healing before year’s end.

I was a psychology major in my freshman year of college.  I was introduced to famous ones who contributed to the field. For the life of me, I could not embrace all of Freud’s work. (The defense mechanisms were my takeaway and I refer to them often in general discourse, as well as channeling and healing sessions.) Freud posited that we are born with intrapsychic conflict: the id, ego, and superego are in battle. At the get go we are born broken. This did not resonate with me. I could not imagine a soul being broken from birth. I admired the theoretician Fritz Perls, who took Gestalt psychology and fashioned it into a therapy modality. He was a humanist and posited that we are born whole and, as a result of traumas in our life, we grow alienated from this knowing. Gestalt therapy was so attractive to me that I sought out this modality for personal healing and also received a post-graduate certificate after completing specialized training.

Five years after ceasing practice as a therapist, my spiritual awakening occurred. My reservoir of beliefs was filled with newfound knowledge. What I newly embraced as my truth was the following: souls reincarnate here in Earth School and other realities. We bring our experiences to each incarnation. If we have negative karma, we must balance it with another lifetime’s drama scheduled in a pre-birth planning session. We are whole and perfect in that we are Love, an aspect of Creator (God, Spirit, Source – many names for the same concept). Due to trials and tribulations not “successfully” worked through, we forget that we are just fine.

As a healer, I now see one’s unresolved issues as stemming not only from this lifetime, but also from others. Is one whole? Yes. We are ALWAYS whole. We have everything we need. Our soul is perfect and is Love. Then, what creates the imbalance? We FORGET that we are whole. When one FORGETS they are a Godspark, all heck breaks loose! Imbalance can be internalized (e.g. self-pity, self-effacement, masochism). It can be externalized (e.g. abuse, sociopathy, coveting). There are numerous examples of imbalance; I cannot enumerate them all here.

How does one heal? There is not one answer to this question. Each person decides how to proceed with respect to their individual set of issues that are to be addressed. I am a big believer in therapy. (Surprise!). The object is to return to knowing that one has always been whole. The cherry on top comes after the realization that all is well. It is like a badge, or award for concluding that one is not broken and all is forgiven. Repair the soul. Examine whether any moving parts aren’t jiving. It’s this lifetime and other lifetimes that might have brought one to this place. Repairs are necessary; it is doable. When one can sit back and conclude that any conflicts of the mind, body, and spirit were just part of the movie, the cherry is there on top for ya.

I salute you, Earth School student, who embraces your limitations that result from lifetimes of truth seeking, curiosity, and Service. I hope any conflicts you have are addressed with compassion. May your journey be sweet, as well as the cherry you find on top.

Blessings to you.