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…when you turn off the water after taking a shower and you look down…

I have been intrigued by the many ways Spirit speaks to us. The bathroom is a notorious venue for Divine Guidance! There is much to learn in this space. At some point in our day, we enter for cleaning, brushing, trimming, releasing, expectorating, refreshing, cleansing, and conditioning. Beautification might occur, too. However one uses the room-of-rest, it is replete with Signs for us to find and interpret.

The first time I was aware of Divine Bathroom Art was in the shower. I saw a small piece of my hair scribed on the stall wall in the shape of a music G-clef. It was undeniable! Being a musician, as one of the hats I wear, I was messaged. Later I would receive music lyrics in the form of clear downloads in that exact location. Hair in the shape of letters and numbers appeared. Water droplets were easily identified as symbols. It seems the heart is a very common insignia that one is gifted via droplets.

If one listens to music while bathing or shaving, be aware song titles and lyrics you hear. Your guides and your departed ones might be communicating with you! The news might even spark something within. There are no wrong interpretations. If one goes in with adventure and wonderment, all is well. It is the journey of receiving with grace and offering possibilities to self that is the life lesson opportunity.

I’ve found that rushing through rote behaviors in the bathroom might detract from spotting signs. Slowing down a bit assists with the retrieval of heavenly material. If one needs to rush, there is nothing broken that needs fixing. I suggest the slower approach if possible to afford one ample opportunity to receive juicy nuggets.

The picture that is tagged with this Blog post is that of a water mark left at the bottom of my shower stall after turning the water off. Clear as day, I saw a mermaid or merman’s tail! I thanked it for the energy it was sending me. While showering, I had been listening to a tarot card reading via my phone. At that exact moment, the reader stated they had picked a dolphin card! I thanked the dolphin for its energy. What a morning of water well-wishers!

Years back, I mentioned to a healer that signs came through while on the toilet and in the shower. She shared that we often are very clear channels and can receive much when doing a rote behavior like eliminating or bathing. (This explained why I channeled many song lyrics while in the shower, which were put to music and published later as scratch demos.)

If you need the light on the next time you enter the bathroom to see more clearly, do so.  Be aware of sounds, lights, shifts in perception, and other curious markings while doing your thing in the bathroom. The image left on your used toilet paper roll upon the last pull might reveal a picture for you to see. Not kidding. Anything is possible.

Please know that your private space is honored by the Divine Ones. There is no remote viewing or peering while you are taking care of basic hygiene. Imagine a fuzzy whiteness or static over you that permits privacy. They love us dearly; boundaries are respected.

I hope this piece made you laugh, smile, and consider that this journey is more than just soap and water.

With Love,