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We have the ability to shift our reality. It is a gift. This gift is not publicized, however. It is often to be stumbled upon. Many speak of being “master manifesters,” or having a strong ability to create their future. I’ve spoken about the Law of Attraction in previous Blogs; no need to repeat here. I speak about the weather today and suggest we can move, manipulate, modify our surroundings. (Joanie isn’t tripping.)

The Native American Indians danced. Other indigenous cultures prayed and performed ceremonies to bring abundant harvests via rains. There were supplications for moving a storm away or bringing one near to rid a community of drought. If we think outside the box, if we hearken the days of yore when our forefathers and mothers participated in activities lost today, we might find ourselves in harmony with ourselves, our communities, our land, waters, and sky.

How to do this? It’s all about intention! It’s playing a game of imagination like little ones do all the time. Retrieve your sense of wonderment and excitement. Now, if you find yourself learning about a current weather pattern that appears ominous, you may speak to this weather pattern and ask it to move away, dissipate, clear what is necessary and leave, etc. Whatever is for your highest good and the highest good of all will transpire. Fear and doubt block creation. Doing this activity in a group exponentially raises the chances of movement, diversion, dissipation, etc. If a weather issue is upon you, you may ask it, again, to dissipate, move away, clear what is necessary and leave. When one looks at the weather with neutrality versus fear, it emboldens that person who is having the “weather experience.” This is called spiritual distancing, or witnessing.

We are very powerful souls. More powerful than is publicized. Therefore, I pen this piece to remind you.

Weather IS. It is part of our story. Rather than fight it, work WITH it. It is a collective consciousness. I do not permit weather to intimidate me. I accept it, make preparations, and remain present-centered. You probably do, as well.

Have fun changing the weather. You might just find that you created a very good movie outcome.

…it looks like sunny skies…

With Love,