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Get in Touch: 908-790-9044


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What To Expect

I humbly share I am a Divine instrument, a vessel, and I channel Love for those whose journey leads them to my doorstep.

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Phone, Skype, or In-Person

I offer distance sessions via phone and Skype. Remote work is as equally effective as meeting in person.

I also provide in person readings and healings for clients who will travel to my Central New Jersey location.

Here are many ways I can assist you:

Offer general readings where you may ask any question (e.g. finances, romance, family, work, health, smoking cessation, sexual dysfunction, weight loss, etc.)

Address present and past life issues and facilitate their work through and release

Enter the Akashic Records to retrieve information, eliminate vows, rewrite or eliminate contracts, and rewrite or remove “scripts” you have written that no longer serve you

Reveal your life’s purpose

Eliminate auric debris

Take out negative energies from the etheric body

Identify spirit guides, guardian angels, and connect with your Higher Self

Share dialogue from your pre-birth planning session to shed light on soul growth opportunities discussed and agreed upon prior to incarnation

Examine the physical body and perform psychic surgery

Align chakras, clear the pathway, lift out traumas, remove detritus, and perform repair work, if necessary

Clear homes and spaces (remotely)

Download codes and perform activations

See Me In Action:

In November 2017, I facilitated a Psychic Gallery at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.  What a pleasure it was to offer readings/healings to over 80 students and staff.

My forte is identifying past life traumas and linking them to your present day struggles.

Karma, or unresolved “baggage” is often the culprit.

Forgiveness work is done and energies that bound you are released. By addressing and releasing issues that no longer serve you (e.g. unforgiveness, anger, fear, resentment, sadness), you may:

Release trauma and dis-ease

Experience peace of mind

Clarify your life’s purpose

Improve relationship with self and others

Find closure after losing a family member, friend, or pet

I combine my social work skills with my healing and channeling gifts to address issues not discussed in most conventional circles.

My sense of humor adds color and lightness to your time with me. I am clairaudient (Divine hearing), clairsentient (Divine feeling), claircognizant (Divine knowing), clairvoyant (Divine seeing), clairgustant (Divine tasting), and clairsalient (Divine smelling).

You may request a reading where any question is on the table or request a general reading where I channel Divine messages that are meant for you to hear at that moment. You may also wish a healing where specific questions about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are addressed.  In a  general healing, I will be directed to “go into” your etheric body and work on what needs to be addressed. There are no “better” ways to have a session with me. You may decide to have a general reading or healing and later ask specific questions. It is truly a flexible and creative process. Your entering the session with wonderment adds to the exciting nature of the experience.

If you have had more than one wound, illness, or trauma, more healings may be necessary.  “Peeling the onion” is a wonderful metaphor. You choose whether you wish to go deeper with me. Your desire to release and resolve present and past issues greatly contributes to the efficacy of your experience. Active and willing participation in the process effectuates a more positive outcome.

I do not promise to cure you. Only you can take responsibility for your health and well-being. My engagement assists you in the facilitation of your own healing and overall spiritual growth.

This work can be received at any age, from infancy through adulthood, as well as experienced by animals, plants, and crystals.  Pregnant women benefit, as well.


Hear live, as well as pre-recorded interviews with well-known radio hosts.

Radio Shows

Listen to live radio shows where I offer readings and healings to callers.


Enjoy songs I have written and covered. These are scratch demos.